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IM+ (IMPlus) for Java 4.6.4 29/11/11 Trial version English
  • Java

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Instant messaging on your cellphone

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IM+ is a complete Instant Messaging solution for your PC or Mobile device which supports MSN , ICQ, AOL, Yahoo! and Jabber messaging systems. With IM+ you can communicate using encrypted messages, directly from your PC as well as from your mobile device, in real-time, cost-saving, within a group conference and many other features.

IM+ keeps the contact list information on the respective servers. So, IM+ and your ordinary desktop client always use just the same contact list. E.g. if you add a new buddy in your contact list with desktop client, you will also see him in your List if you connected with IM+.

Other features of IM+ include:

• Email addresses and Web URLs in conversations are automatically hyperlinked, and you can email or surf to these links
• Simultaneous connection to all selected systems
• Add/Remove Contact functions
• Ability to send mail to offline MSN users
• Configured alerts
• Sound and volume control
• Support of TCP/IP & HTTP connections
• Full presence status support
• Message History
• Working in Background Mode
• Predefined Messages
• Storage of several accounts

The comprehensive chat program for your Java cellphone.

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